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Pay me with Visa/MC at - always fast, free and secure!


  1. We have an account set up at using our email address,

  2. You set up an account at, either by clicking on the banner above or by going to Then provide them with the credit card you wish to use.

  3. To pay for merchandise, you go into the site, login and go to "Beam Money".

  4. "Beam" us the amount of the order.  Your email address will appear. Please put in the message the lot number(s) you won. Please include your mailing address!

  5. We get an email saying you paid, and will then ship your order.

  6. Even if you are not making a purchase at this time you may still set up an account

  7. All credit card information is transmitted over a secure server.  No one other than you will see your credit card information.
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